Thursday, March 7, 2013


I am thrilled.  I am going to be a grandma . . . again!  My son and daughter-in-law are expecting their first child, a son, who will be given the name of Asher.  I am excited to meet this new little one.  He will be here in about 6 weeks.  After considering the many options for birth, they have decided that Asher will be born at home with the assistance of a Midwife.  My son, Jonathan, was the first of my children to be born at home, so this is especially fitting.  

As part of the "spiritual" preparation, my daughter-in-law, Gemma, is being given a gift of a Blessingway from Far Away.  Each of her dear friends and loved ones has been asked to select a bead of any type . . . plastic, metal, wood, stone . . . and any shape and size . . . and send it to Gemma.  After we have selected the beads, we have been asked to write something about why the bead was chosen, and share the personal meaning or symbolism with her.  We have also been asked to write a special blessing for her that will be with her throughout the birthing process, and remain with her on her journey as a mother.  The beads are all to be sent to her, where they will be strung together so that she can have them with her during the birth.  Here is my contribution . . .

Dearest Gemma,

How to begin . . .

First, I am so pleased you have such creative friends so that I am reminded to stop and focus my thoughts and love on you and this most blessed event.  Of course, I think of you often, and always with love and gratitude that you are connected to me, and a part of my life.  Every mother wants her children to grow to find happiness and fulfillment in their lives, and I feel that Jonathan has done an amazing job in this regard.  I could not have designed a more perfect life-partner for him.  So, thank you for taking this crazy family on!

Now, for my beads and blessings . . . I chose two, of course, because I always have trouble choosing just one of anything!  There are so many things that I love, and that bring me joy . . . how could I ever settle on just one?

The HEART is symbolic of several things.  I love hearts and all that they represent – life force, love, connection, strength, health . . . the list goes on and on.  But on this occasion I thought of your mother.  I know she loved you and was so joyous that you were her daughter.  I am also positive that she would be so proud of the wonderful woman you have become.  If she were here, she would be worried (as moms are apt to do), but reassured because of how mindful you have been of your well-being, and that of little Asher’s.  I am honored that I get to take her place on those occasions when only a mother will do!  So, with this simple HEART bead I share, and bless you with, a “mothers” heart and love.  You will come to understand, though you may already have an inkling, just how powerful this love is the minute you first hold him in your arms.  And, like all mothers, you will lose your heart to him.  That is exactly how it should be – an unbreakable bond – no matter what!  I can say this with absolute assurance based on a great deal of experience!  :-D

It probably comes as no surprise that my second bead choice would be a RAINBOW bead.  My children all know of my love for the vibrant colors of the rainbow.  To me, a rainbow symbolizes hope for a brighter future, and what mother doesn’t have that wish for her children?  However, a while ago I realized that my love for the rainbow was connected to the colors and symbolism of the Chakras.  Raising a child is difficult at best, and the ability to remain open on all levels will be a challenge.  If I have regrets, it is that I sometimes lost the wonder that is present in every part of me, and my life.  Hopefully, this bead will remind you to stop when things seem difficult, and go inside to gather energy from within yourself to guide you through with love.  Though I know that sometimes you will fail miserably, I also hope that you will be able to forgive yourself, and know that you are perfect, even in your imperfection.  I also want this bead to symbolize the RAINBOW of life, and I trust you to share this with my grandson!  Introduce him to people, places, and things that will make up the many colors of his life.  I have every confidence that both you and Jonathan will be able to instill in him the knowledge that every person, place, and thing has something beautiful and valuable to offer him.   

May these beads remind you to show him how to have an open and accepting HEART and, to be considerate and mindful of everyone and everything.  Show him by example how to live in awe of the gift of this life.  Guide him to find his way in creating a better future, and in improving the world around him, just as the RAINBOW promises.  Finally, know that both your mother and I will be with you during this most sacred of events . . . if not in person, definitely in spirit!  (AND, I sincerely hope to be there.)  If I can give you any advice it would be . . . just breathe . . . and know you are surrounded by love!