Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trials and Triumphs

Life can be hard . . . no question about it. Just about everyone I know has something difficult to deal with. That's what life is. Whenever I am flying high it is inevitable that I will be shot down.

Looking back over my life I realize that this is common. I also realize that I'm still here, still alive, and still doing well. I also look around and notice that there are things happening in this world that appear tragic and senseless. So why bother to keep going?

Well, there is so much joy in my life, in spite of the hardships. I have amazing, talented, compassionate, and brilliant children and grandchildren. I have dear friends. I live in relative comfort and have plenty of food and water. In other words . . . regardless of the trials in my life I am a survivor. I have a network of support.

I guess the lesson I've hopefully finally learned is this . . . everything in my life is for my benefit. I am stronger because of what I have experienced. More importantly, I am more compassionate and understanding. I would not trade any of my challenges if it meant that I had to give up any part of who I have become because of them. In spite of my trials, or perhaps because of them . . . I like myself . . . and that is a triumph!

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